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Emergency Services Storage – Specialist Solutions

There is a huge amount of specialist equipment involved in the everyday operations of the emergency services, and emergency services storage must fit the bill. Uniform, equipment, documentation, and medical supplies are just some of the items that must be stored appropriately.

Some of the most popular storage options for challenging environments are heavy-duty storage and shelving, but when used in emergency service settings special considerations must be made in terms of accessibility and security.

First, speed and ease of access are two vitally important considerations, particularly for police, fire and medical emergency services. Teams must be able to access the kit they need under pressure and in short time frames, so implementing storage options that keep equipment organized and can be accessed quickly are a necessity.

Second, storage for emergency services often needs to include certain levels of security to keep equipment and medications safe. Furthermore, the emergency services work environment often requires employees to store their personal belongings securely. Rackline produce a range of storage options for emergency service environments that are ideal for these applications, whether your priority is security, rapid access, or both.

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Emergency service storage sectors

Our solutions offer unique benefits such as being modular and expandable, so you can change the layout, size and capacity of your storage depending on your needs. We frequently provide bespoke and modular storage options designed to house the following safely and securely:


Durable, high-density steel shelving solutions are perfect for these requirements, offering a tailored long-term solution that can be adapted and extended to meet the needs of a headquarters or regional base. Contact us for bespoke storage solutions with rapid access and fantastic security on 01782 770 144.

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