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Mobile shelving systems are extremely useful in organising your office and storing your office supplies, files, documents, historical records, etc. However, you should take some measures to ensure the safety of your employees while using them.

Before opening a new aisle of the mobile shelving system, make sure that there is no one in the passageway.  Disengage the central push and pull lock of the mobile shelving system on the central boss hand. When the mobile shelving system is in the required position, re-engage by pushing in the central hand wheel boss.

Always move one shelve of the mobile shelving system at a time by turning the hand wheel either on right or left side.

Always operate the mobile shelving unit with care and avoid collision of the units with each other as it can damage the unit and the stored goods can be dislodged. All the tracks should be cleared from any obstructions on the floor.

You should never climb a mounted mobile shelving system as this can prove to be dangerous. All the waste from the base, floor and track should be collected and they should be cleaned regularly. You should never move more than one mobile shelving unit at a time. Always avoid colliding mobile shelving systems together.

Always clean the tracks regularly as mobile shelving systems have to be shifted regularly. The tracks should never be cleaned with oil based cleaning substances. Clean them with a damp cloth or non alkaline soap solution. The flooring where the mobile shelving system is kept should never be wet.