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Steel mobile shelving is available as open steel mobile shelving and bin unit mobile shelving. Both the types of mobile shelving have their own set of advantages and features:

Open steel shelving

Open steel mobile shelving is considered as an all-purpose type of compartment because of its open design. Open steel mobile shelving is the most common type of steel shelving.

Open steel mobile shelving is perfect for storing big items. It can fit in any condition because of its three post styles. Open steel mobile shelving offers easy and safe keeping facility due to its open design. It is ideal for movable storerooms. Open steel mobile shelving is steady due to its side and end bend support

Bin unit shelving

You can use this type of steel shelving whenever you need miniature storage containers.
Different bin settings are available in bin unit mobile shelving. It can be modified to 1 inch increment. By using bin unit mobile shelving, you can separate boxes and other items