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If you are one of the many business owners or managers who are tired of their cluttered and disorderly office, you should check out the latest office shelving systems available. An office shelving system will help you to organise your office and store things properly

Office shelving systems can be used for different applications like:

•    Dedicated office filing solution
•    Retail storage
•    Day-to-day office storage
•    Health care records in hospitals etc.
•    Big archiving projects

The main advantage of office shelving systems is that they are slim profile shelves. The frame of the office shelving system gives a neat and co-ordinated appearance.

Office shelving systems are available in different designs and upright colour options along with a comprehensive range of accessories. Office shelving systems minimise the wasted linear space and optimise the use of the storage area. Office shelving systems along with their accessories help you to streamline your office storage

Archive shelving system

Archive shelving systems offer maximum useable shelf width. There are different types of archive shelving system available to suit your needs. Archive shelving system can be raised and lowered, making these systems more versatile than other storage systems.

Archive shelving systems are made for minimum disruption when they are installed. You can combine the archive shelving systems with a number of different accessories available to make the most of the available office space.