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File cabinets are designed especially for storing files and important documents. Working in the office entails using file and documents on a regular basis. There is a need to clear out the desks and preserve the files in a safe storage system that takes very little space.

The two main types of file cabinets are vertical and lateral file cabinets. Vertical cabinets were common when they where invented, but nowadays lateral file cabinets have exceeded their popularity. The main reasons why lateral file cabinets are popular nowadays as compared to vertical file cabinets is that they allow easier access and a better view of the files.

The main purpose of these cabinets is to store files. There are a variety of filing cabinets available. Metal is the most common material used; the other materials used are vinyl, wood and medium sized density fibreboard. File cabinets minimise the mess of the files in the office. Offices that have file cabinets are organised and look very presentable to their clients.

The material used in manufacturing file cabinets is very important as it can determine the level of secure storage of the files.

Filing cabinets also differ with regards to their storage capacity. The filing cabinets are available with 2 to 5 drawers. You should know your storage requirements while purchasing filing cabinets for your office.