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Office storage is an issue that many businesses and organisations deal with the world over. Every organisation, no matter how unique and technologically advanced, needs to maintain a hardcopy file of all their business dealings. This day to day logging of files over a period of time is called filing. The dilemma however, is that one does not often need to use these files in the near future. However these files are not expendable so you cannot dispose of them for good because they may be needed in the future.

File cabinets are a choice that most businesses make when it comes to the placement of such files, and the proper sequencing of them. File cabinets allow the user to place these files in perfect order for future reference and very often also for rapid retrieval. File cabinets are available in two types, the vertical type and the lateral type. Currently there is a great demand for lateral file cabinets, although the demand for the vertical file cabinet type was great when they were first made. These file cabinets are not unique to the office space alone. Many people who settle their offices inside their homes also use such file cabinets.

While buying file cabinets, keep in mind to buy them as per the storage requirements of your office. Generally the depth of such cabinets varies from 20 inches to about 35 inches, and is available in the two, three, four as well as the five drawer forms.