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Every office has to deal with a lot of paper documents and keeping them safe and easily accessible can help increase productivity. It is important to have proper organisation if you want to have an uncluttered office. With file cabinets, you can classify and store documents which will provide you with more office space and peace of mind. There are different types of file cabinets that can be used to maximise storage space and which are all very advantageous.

Lateral file cabinets

A lateral file cabinet can be installed in offices that have enough wall space. The drawers of a lateral file cabinet are very wide and can go up to 42 inches. A lateral file cabinet can easily store letter and legal sized files in the same draw. According to the filing structure, files can either be stored side to side or front to back. A lot of storage space is not the only advantage this type of file cabinet offers. It even makes viewing and accessing stored files easy.

Vertical file cabinets

For offices that do not have much wall and floor space, this is the right type of file cabinet to meet storage requirements. Drawers are placed one over the other and vertical cabinets are available from two to ten drawers. Vertical file cabinets can store letter and legal sized files and accessing them is relatively easy.