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A file station is a type of office furniture used for storing files and other important documents that are very important and those which you cannot afford to lose. A file station is a safe place for storing your office files as it is specially designed for file storage.

File station provides 50 percent more filing space than lateral filers. Installing a file station is not a difficult task. It can be fixed straight away on any floor surface. You do not need any infill floor. It avoids any chance of tripping that other mobile systems fail to avoid.

File station was created by consulting some of the finest furniture designers. File stations are user friendly as they are designed specifically for ease of use. File stations are a unique combination of electronic and paper filing. The design of file stations matches the needs of modern offices.

File stations have the capability to reduce retrieval time by nearly 40 percent when compared to other file storage systems. This reduction in retrieval time can be a huge saving for office environments. The office is a place where space is always a constraint. File stations can free up desk space to create free movable space.

File stations are often the best storage systems for offices with numerous advantages that they provide. File stations provide you a number of benefits that improves your employees’ performance by reducing the time they spend in searching documents.