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There are many institutions and organisations that store documents, files and drawings. In such cases although the documents and storage articles keep increasing, the storage area does not increase. This is the point when organising your storage space efficiently comes to the fore.

Many case studies have shown that depending upon the necessity of the organisation, using a different type of storage device has doubled and sometimes tripled the previously available space. The companies that provide storage solutions have people who have professional expertise in designing storage solutions that are customised according to the needs and requirements of customer.

The case study of a major university shows how vertical file storage systems tripled their storage space. Since their filing system had evolved over time it was not uniform throughout and hence was ineffective. Moreover the flat filing systems posed injury hazards and were difficult to reach.

Vertical file storage systems not only made it easier for them to store their documents, files and drawings but also increased the storage space available. The manager of the organisation said that their new vertical file storage system was three times more cost effective in comparison to a flat filing system.

Moreover, the new vertical file storage system is more systematic, offering easy storage and fast retrieval, saving time and human labour. Maintaining the documents became efficient and preserving the old drawings and documents became easier. The vertical file storage system also enhanced the stylish and fashionable look of the office.