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Filing cabinet systems are designed specially for storing office files and key documents. Working in an office that deals with lots of paperwork will experience some chaos if the documents are not filed in a proper storage system.

Offices should have clear desks where all the files are put in a safe storage system that consumes less space. There 2 main types of filing cabinets – known as vertical and lateral filing cabinets.

The main reason behind lateral filing cabinets becoming more popular compared to vertical filing cabinets is that they allow easier access and the ability to view the files easily. There are a number of filing cabinets available to match your specific requirements.

Metal is the most common material used for making filing cabinets, other types of cabinets are made of vinyl, wood and medium size density fibreboard. Filing cabinets minimise the chances of files getting lost in the office. Offices that have filing cabinets are well organised and have a very presentable look.

The material used in manufacturing filing cabinets has great importance as it can guarantee more secure storage of files. Filing cabinets differ according to their storage capacity and can have between 2 and 5 drawers.