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Filing cabinets are widely used in most organisations today. Finding files, documents, reports can be time consuming, but with the onset of filing cabinets, storing and retrieving files became easier. Filing cabinets help you store your important files, folders, documents reports etc. These cabinets are safe and offer super benefits. A good filing cabinet enhances the reputation of the organisation.

Filing cabinets are available in a few but pretty designs:

Vertical filing cabinets: Vertical filing cabinets are best for smaller offices with less space. They occupy very little floor space. Vertical cabinets are traditional cabinets consisting of eight to ten drawers to store any sized files.

Lateral filing cabinets: This type is suitable for big offices. It has extensive drawers which can store a variety of types of files in the same drawer. The best part of this type is that you can easily view the files stored. It is larger and has a wider storage space than vertical filing cabinets.

Apart from these two types, rolling cabinets and open shelving units are used in offices to store data. Rolling cabinets enable free moving of files anywhere around the office. Their durable castors help rotating the files in more than one location. Rolling cabinets are ideal if you need to move your office from one location to another.

Open shelving systems on the other hand are less expensive and have a light and simple design. They are open shelves which can be placed side by side or one over the other.

Filing cabinets are beneficial. They solve the problem of clutter resulting in a sophisticated storage of office material.