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People all over the world working in any organisation or company have stacks of files or papers to deal with every day. These papers and files are mostly important documents either of clients or the company itself. So how do people keep these documents in order and stay on top of their work?

To ensure that even the busiest offices do not encounter any storage problems it is important to have good quality filing cabinets. Although paperless offices are the in thing today, most offices have paperwork and written documents that need to be safely filed away and for these reasons filing cabinets are still used. Filing cabinets are mostly made of wood and steel. Of these two materials, metal filing cabinets are stronger, lighter and more durable.

These filing cabinets are designed with runners inside the drawers to store tab files. Filing cabinets often have an additional feature called the anti-tilt which does not allow more than one drawer to be opened at the same time. This prevents the cabinet from falling over due to the weight of fully filled drawers all being out at the same time. It is important to start storing files from the bottom drawers to ensure the cabinet is stable.