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Every office should essentially have well-organised and effective storage systems to store their files, documents and goods. For any business, storing and maintaining legal files, documents and other records is very important. Filing cabinets are ideal means for storing files and other documents and at the same time they are attractive and functional.

Filing cabinets come in two main types – lateral filing cabinets and vertical filing cabinets. As the name suggests, vertical filing cabinets are tall and their drawers are vertically placed. In a vertical filing cabinet, the number of drawers ranges from 2-5.

On the other hand, lateral filing cabinets are ideal for offices that have larger floor space. The lateral filing cabinets are generally wider and have bigger drawers as compared to vertical file cabinets. Depending on the available space in your office, you can either choose lateral or vertical file cabinets.

Safety is one of the most important issues that you need to consider while using filing cabinets at your place of work. If the employee opens a lot of upper drawers at once, there is a high risk of the cabinet tilting forward. This is why it is essential to have filing cabinets that include safety features to avoid such hazards. If you are thinking of purchasing filing cabinets for your office, make sure that they are made from top-quality materials meeting all safety standards.