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Proper filing is must in every office. If the files are not arranged properly and a register about the files whereabouts is not maintained then it will be impossible for the office to function smoothly. Filing systems help to store the maximum number of files and documents in minimum space available.

When the files are stored properly the office space looks tidy and well maintained which creates an atmosphere best suited to working. Vertical filing units are best suited for storing files in corporate offices as these filing systems easily fit in the available space, suit the office décor and makes it easy for people to find the files.

Vertical filing units are also equipped with good locking systems which allow the user to stop unwanted access in the filing units. Moreover, these filing units make it easy for people to keep the files and documents organised.

Lateral filing systems are beneficial in areas where the shape and size of the documents to be stored is unconventional. Offices of architects and engineers are an example of such places which require storage for blue prints and maps that are never equal in size. Compared to vertical filing systems, lateral filing systems take up more space but these keep the documents safe and undamaged.