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Fire resistant cabinets are quite popular in modern offices. There are important documents, files and others things in every office that need to be protected even in case of an accident like fire. These mobile storage cabinets are made in such way that they can protect things from fire.

There are two types of fire resistant storage cabinets available in the market. The most common cabinets are lateral fire resistant file cabinets.

Fire resistant cabinets save lots of storage space. The files in such types of cabinets can be placed from side to side or front to back. Thus it utilises space in the most efficient way. Fire resistant storage cabinets come with shelves, which are adjustable and you can easily move them for making extra space.

Fire resistant storage cabinets protect the files or flammable goods from catching fire. These mobile storage cabinets provide adequate level of protection by preventing excessive internal temperature. Fire resistant mobile storage cabinets also prevent fire from spreading further, and thus, prevent damage.