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Two highly practical and useful cabinets that are widely used are flammable storage cabinets and medicine cabinets. These are used depending on the nature and the purpose of storage. The former is an important cabinet type that needs a bit more careful handling. For example, there should be proper distance between cabinet and non-combustible materials.

Also, the labelling of flammable cabinets should be done very clearly to ensure that people keep away from it and also flammable objects are kept away from the cabinet.

Overloading of flammable cabinets should be avoided as it might lead to damage of the cabinets, which might cause breakage or leakage of the liquid and gas containers. Cabinets should be closed and well sealed so as to prevent any intrusion.

There are medicine cabinets that help in keeping medicine safely and properly. They have a beveled or plain mirror door.  Some of the medicine cabinets come in clear or ribbed glass doors. Others have built-in lights above the mirror or lights running in a vertical line on both sides which help in finding the medicine very easily.