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Every office has large amounts of paper work in order to keep track of all their procedures, and as companies grow, so does the volume of this paper work. Storing them properly is vitally important for any office. However, this can take up a lot of space, particularly if there isn’t a lot of space to begin with.

Fortunately, companies can get around this problem by investing in filing cabinets. These file storage systems offer the perfect space for storing important files and paper documents. For the amount of paperwork that can be stored in filing cabinets, they take up very little space. There are mainly two types of filing cabinets that are popularly used in offices.

Lateral filing cabinets- These cabinets are usually placed along longer walls and have wider drawers. According to the filing structure, files can be stored from side to side or from front to back.

Vertical filing cabinets- These are a more traditional type of filing cabinet, and they are taller and narrower than their lateral counterparts. These filing cabinets can have from 2-10 drawers depending on their size.

In addition to being space saving, filing cabinets can protect important files from harsh weather conditions, theft and even fires, making them a very cost effective solution.