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Shelving is used in all sorts of places including the office or home. It is used for storage, dividing space as well as display. It is important to know the height available for any shelving units.  If the unit is too short then available space will not be utilised. There should be enough clearance for the other items too. Therefore, width also plays an important role. You need to be very careful about the clearance of shelves as there might be limited space in front if the shelves are installed near the door or any other object.

If you are ordering shelves online or buying them in the store, you should know the exact measurements of what you are ordering.

Shelving units are delivered in flat packs and some come ready assembled. There are built in cupboards and drawers in some of the shelving units. You can lock the cupboards if there are important things inside.

Modular shelving units are expandable and are used in homes, offices and industrial settings. If you have more space then you can add modules to your storage system.

Mobile shelving units are also available so you can move them easily when you need to.

Shelving unit can also make room dividers, which can be used in lobbies and warehouses. Care must be taken, if the unit is free standing and not anchored against a wall.