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Every office or home office should have a filing cabinet to make storage easy and efficient and properly organise files, folders and other items. This can help save a lot of effort and time since searching for what you want will be much easier. Filing cabinets offer good storage space and can keep your office free of clutter.

Before getting a filing cabinet, it is important to know how much storage space you will need. According to the business you run and the available space in the office, you can find a filing cabinet that will fit snugly anywhere in the office. If the paperwork you need to store is not much, a small filing cabinet that has just two filing drawers might be ideal for your office.

However, if you require more storage space for files and you have a little more room, getting a filing cabinet that has four to six drawers could be a better option. You can choose between a horizontal filing cabinet and a vertical filing cabinet.

A horizontal filing cabinet will take up more wall space as it is longer but can also hold many files. A vertical cabinet on the other hand can be fitted into smaller spaces. Filing cabinets also come in sizes that fit under desks and tables which make them great space savers.