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Filestation is an innovative file product that will save space, time, and most importantly, money, for your firm that is always in need of additional office space.   Filestation can be termed a ‘low level desk mobile storage’ that is incredibly handy.

The product has been received well by clients as well as experts having won prestigious design awards. So what exactly is the Filestation? This is a high-density, low-profile means of saving space for your office to organise documents and systemise paperwork.

There are several advantages of using the Filestation product. Since it is mobile shelving, Filestation can be located in the same office you currently work in, without consuming too much space.

Many firms house filing cabinets in dedicated storage areas or rooms, which often means more time consumed for workers to go there for tracing the important files and documents. This decreases productivity. Mobile racking can save precious resources and energy for a business.