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One way to get the right shelving is to consult a professional storage solutions provider. The storage solutions company will guide you properly on the best mobile shelving system for your office.

A good mobile shelving system will help you use your office space in the most professional way.

A static shelving system has the capability to cover corners and obstacles for a perfect built-in finish.

The flexibility of having different sizes allows complete base to ceiling space utilisation. Even on the sides, you can have wall to wall fitting without any gaps or fillers.

Closed steel mobile shelving comes in three styles and can adapt to any conditions. It provides hygienic conditions because it has enclosed units. Closed steel mobile shelving is hard-wearing and firm.

Combo open and closed steel mobile shelving can be used for a wide range of storage.

For media and storage purposes you should make use of mobile shelving units. These types of units take up smaller space by compressing various storage cabinets and making them compatible for a smaller space.