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Shelving units are very versatile and have gained a lot of popularity over the last few decades. These units are useful and can be used for domestic, as well as commercial, purposes. If you wish to store and organise items in a precise manner, shelving units are a must. Shelving units provide ample storage space, so as to keep items in their appropriate place, which can be anything from books to heavy industrial products.

Shelving systems are easily accessible and are commonly found in 3 different kinds, i.e. wood, plastic and metal shelving. All these types of shelves are equally useful, but have different characteristic features.

Wood shelving – These types of shelves can be considered as the most classic type of shelving. Wood shelves are usually made from high-quality wood that are mounted and polished into frames. Such types of shelves are widely used at places like libraries. Wood shelves are quite sturdy, durable, classy and even traditional in appearance.

Plastic shelving – Plastic shelves are usually light in weight and are appropriate for the storage and display of light materials. Plastic shelves are non-conductive materials and are resistant to cleaning solutions, battery acid and other solvents. They are also quite durable, versatile and are rust-free. Such kinds of shelves usually have around four to five levels.

Metal shelving – These types of shelves are very popular as they are very strong and durable. Unlike wood that is expensive and hard to find, metal shelves are cheaper. They are the most long-lasting type of shelves.

With the help of these shelving units, you can give your office or warehouse a clutter-free look.