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As you look around your office what do you see?  Something unique and stylish or something that is in need of a little boost?  Is your office looking a tad dreary?  Are your files and documents piled high in a cupboard, out of sight and out of mind?  And are the awards and products you so eagerly would love to display hidden due to lack of shelving?

If this describes your office in a nutshell then it is time to do something about it.  And that is where our Proform static shelving comes in.

This graceful and elegant shelving is designed to not only serve its purpose, but to look fantastic too.  It makes it the ideal accompaniment to any foyer where you wish to display magazines and portfolios of work, to being a suitable divider, with storage, for your office.

It has:

It will care for your items, including rare books and manuscripts and can be either static or mobile, whichever is your preference.

Your items have total protection on the Proform shelving unit, which is essential to keeping them in their current condition.  In fact, many libraries opt for this kind of shelving to display books, magazines and DVD’s.

Why not get your office looking like a reflection of your business and brand?  Why not opt for some Proform shelving to give it a boost and show off those publications you feature in and the awards your company has won?

Contact us today and we can talk you though our different options and how static shelving can boost your business.