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With almost two million volumes contained on more than 40 miles of shelves and spread over 12 floors, Glasgow University Library is one of the largest university libraries in the UK. As specialists in complete storage solutions, Rackline was called in to provide a high density storage system for the growing historical collection, early runs of periodicals and huge number of 19th Century press marked books that are stored off site.

The brief:

A rich resource for research and teaching, the main library building holds special collections built up over a period of more than 500 years as well as the most up-to-date books and journals needed by students and academics. So it comes as no surprise to learn that archiving is a constant activity – moving older monograph and research material into a temperature controlled store to make use for newer, more widely used publications.

The solution:

Following a full audit of the premises, and taking into account the need for strictly controlled conditions, Rackline recommend the Multitrak Mobile system with Proform shelves. 2,241 bays of shelving were installed, providing a capacity of over 21,000 linear metres. To manufacture such a massive installation took 95 tonnes of steel, 3 tonnes of paint and 15 truck loads to deliver. Margot O’Donnell, library store manager said, “We hold an immense amount of historical material that must be easily accessible for research purposes, but also kept in temperature controlled conditions due to its age and fragility. Rackline’s previous experience in cases like this has been invaluable – they were able to accommodate all our needs and save us space.” Rackline is the leading manufacturer of mobile storage systems in Europe with an expanding portfolio of clients and 15,000 installations in a wide variety of sectors including architects, financial organisations, legal firms and the public sector.

“Rackline’s professionalism enabled us to undertake such a vast installation.” Margot O’ Donnell, Library Store Manager