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One of the biggest storage considerations for museums is how to display artefacts to the general public.  Often these items are delicate, ancient and in some cases, priceless, and therefore need to be stored in just the right conditions.  But it isn’t just enough to enable a dust-proof storage environment for your artefacts, it is also very important to consider how the storage system will look when on display, as it must not detract from the items it is housing.

As part of Rackline’s ongoing relationship with museums and archives and with the increase in storage areas being opened up to the public, we are continuing to develop products that are an essential part of the modern museum’s requirements.

One such product is our glass top tray, which is perfect for the storage of museum artefacts as it enables easy viewing with minimal disturbance to artefacts.

glass top tray

The steel tray creates a sealed storage area, with an easily removable lid. Each tray comes complete with a pair of side supporting rails to allow for the easy retrieval and placement of trays.

glass top trays

The glass top tray is just one of the products we manufacture which has been designed with museums in mind.  If you would like more information on the services we provide for the museum and archive industry, including audits, space plans and the manufacture of bespoke products, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01782 770 144 for a full consultation.