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Buying a locker for your office, school or factory is not an easy job. You have to make a well informed purchase. Depending upon your needs, you can customise the type of locker system you require and select the accessories that will go along with it.

The most important thing that you should consider when purchasing a locker system is the number of tiers that you need. This is the variable that will help you in quickly determining all the characteristics of the locker that you need. After you have browsed all the options, you can select the perfect locker system that suits your needs. You should always double check the description and dimensions for verifying the perfect locker system. While purchasing a locker system, make sure that you inspect it carefully for its effectiveness.

Picking the proper handle type for your locker system

Locker systems are available with 3 different types of handles:

Lift handles provide the user quick and easy access to the content inside the lockers. It makes it simple to apply a padlock for securing the handle and preventing unauthorised access.

Recessed handles do not allow vandals to hit the handles and gain access to the locker’s contents.

Door pull handles provide a convenient way to attach a padlock. Most box lockers come with a door pull handle.