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Most people have a lot of things to store in their homes and offices. From this 20% of the things are used whereas the remaining 80% are just kept lying somewhere and are only used occasionally. For business organisations, it is indeed essential to have proper storage systems for storing their files, products and other important things.

An office should always be kept clutter free as it looks good, encourages the employees to work better and at the same time creates a good impression on the visitors. For this purpose, mobile shelving proves to be extremely beneficial. Mobile shelving is a type of archive storage system that comes in a wide collection of shapes and sizes. This enables a user to purchase the kind of storage system that suits their requirement.

Mobile shelving offers a new method of organising things, especially for industries, warehouses and offices that face the problem of limited space. Shelves are one of the most important storage aspects for any industry, organisation or business. Mobile shelving lets the offices and businesses store and preserve their important things in the best possible manner. They are easily accessible and at the same time they are extremely cost effective.

Mobile shelving is extremely popular because of the following reasons:

• They are easy to install
• Highly visible
• Resistant to chemicals
• Can be moved easily from one place to another
• Easy to clean
• Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and features