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Every office requires filing cabinets to keep paper documents in a safe place where they can easily be found. An organised office makes it pleasant, quick and simple to work in and increases productivity. Filing cabinets thus make excellent office accessories. There are different kinds of filing cabinets available in different sizes and with different features. Choosing the right filing cabinet can be done by considering the following

• How many drawers you will need the filing cabinet to have and their depth and their width

• Determine how much floor space you can use up and find a filing cabinet whose size is suitable for that space. Avoid buying an oversized filing cabinet as it will take up too much space and it will also look out of place

• Ensure you know the maximum weight the drawers will be able to hold so that the cabinet meets your storage needs

• If security is a concern for the items that will be stored in the filing cabinet, ensure you get an impact or fire resistant unit. Locking systems are also very helpful and filing cabinets come with different kinds of locking systems you can choose from

• Checking the material from which the filing cabinet is made is also important. Metal filing cabinets are the most popular as they are sturdy and long lasting.

Avoid simply buying a cheap filing cabinet as it will probably have a shorter life or may be weaker. It is best to invest a little more money in a filing cabinet which is strong and which will stand the test of time.