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Mobile shelving units are high density units and ideal for perimeter wall installations. You can install mobile shelving units in the offices where other forms of high density storage cannot be installed.  Mobile shelving units have free rolling flanged wheels that allow complete access and easy movement.  Carriage section of mobile shelving units can be easily moved and reconfigured according to the changes in office environment.

Mobile shelving system has stationary shelving in the back. The file storage shelving system slides from side to side in the front.  Compact high density mobile filing systems are modular storage systems that comprises of 2 or 3 rows and move laterally on a heavy duty rail.

High density lateral mobile shelving systems have 2 to 3 sections of deep shelving. Every time the mobile shelving is moved to the side, the other unit is exposed and it allows you to access the documents, products and supplies. You can customize the mobile shelving units to suite your unique work environment. Often, high density mobile shelving system are referred as “Bi-File” and “Tri- File” systems.

Mobile shelving units offer unlimited module width. You can even get a customised mobile shelving unit for your office.