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An educational institution stores a huge amount of student records and informative material which has to be stored securely. The volume of such records is constantly growing and it is a daunting task to effectively store these huge volumes and make them last. As documents stored over a period of time are bound to be fragile, it is essential to store them in temperature controlled storage.

As libraries are an integral component of educational institutions, it is not possible to convert all forms of data into electronic digital media. Historical materials such as photographs, books, journals, etc. are required to be stored in their hard copy format or in their available current form.

Records need to be easily accessible for future research and also protected from further deteriorating due to their age hence they require storage in conditions which are temperature controlled. In such situations, mobile storage systems which offer mobile shelving and mobile racking prove to be effective in handling volumes of documents.

Archiving, by sorting, indexing and logical filing needs to be dealt with in a planned and organised way in universities and institutions. The most appropriate storage system will be user friendly, safe, secure and saves space effectively. Archived shelving or archived storage helps in moving older material into a temperature controlled store and provides space for new documents.