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Many offices these days have rotary storage systems because they provide a lot of extra space to store documents and files, especially compared to the limitations of standard filing units.

Rotary filing cabinets are mainly designed to suit office environments. They are double the size of traditional units and have the all-important rotation feature, allowing users to access both compartments of the filing unit from one side. A lever or foot pedal is all that is required for rotating units.

Functions of rotary filing cabinets
Rotary cabinets are mainly used in places such as offices, schools, banks, libraries and hospitals. Some financial institutions generate a large volume of paper files and accounts every passing day and it is always a challenge to store such information safely. This is when rotary cabinets play an important role, as they are known to provide space suitable for filing banking documents.

Basic advantages of rotary filing cabinets
These cabinets have the ability to store important documents and other necessary office items in eight tier units. You can find many types of rotary filing cabinets useful for storing multimedia materials as well as paper files. Most are also provided with security lock systems for extra security.