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Nowadays, organisations like libraries, offices, hospitals and museums opt for mobile storage systems. This is because they help in saving a lot of space by eliminating the requirement of various access aisles. Mobile storage systems are mounted on rollers or tracks.

These systems are also motorised which allow for the maximum usage of the space and you can access them easily. At present, you will find that mobile storage systems are categorised on the basis of operations.

Manually operated systems – In these systems, you will find handles for pushing and pulling the systems. These systems move on the tracks where they are mounted.

Mechanically operated systems – With the help of a multi ratio geared hand wheels which are mounted at the lower side of the units. These hand wheels help in turning the wheels and chains which will move the units.

Electrically powered units – These systems are one of the most advanced types, as they can be easily operated by simply pushing a button. As soon as you push the button, the gears of the units are powered. These gears help in moving the wheels and chains on the tracks. The whole procedure runs on electricity and this is why they are known as electrically powered units. One of the best things about these units is that they utilise less time and physical effort, if compared to other types of systems.

Some of these systems can also be used to store sensitive and expensive items, as they have a locking system which prevents unauthorised access.