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Creating a calm and clutter-free classroom with school storage systems.  

If you have a small classroom, it can be hard to find space for everything. The shape and design of a room and how it’s used can affect how children behave when they’re in it. So, it’s important to make the most of your classroom storage and ensure that it’s clean, has plenty of space, and has a bright environment to stimulate the learning experience.  

Everyone benefits from an organised space where everything has its place. Both teachers and pupils can flourish in a neat and relaxed environment, where they can focus and learn. Effective storage is one of the most productive ways of maintaining management in a classroom. Having the right storage is key to organising the space. Making sure you keep everything tidy is important to not only preserve the environment but to also ensure books and documents stay in the best condition.   

Having storage available in the classroom gives pupils somewhere to store bags, books and any personal items or equipment. It teaches them key skills about keeping their belongings tidy and safe. It’s always useful to be able to store work or keep electronic equipment safe overnight. Storage considerations are generally made every time a new school classroom is built, which shows how important good school storage solutions are.   

At Rackline we take storage design seriously – and tailor school shelving and school storage solutions to your individual classroom needs.  

  Installing effective school shelving can:  

School shelving – how can you benefit from it?

The books that schools use can often be unusual shapes, particularly in early years settings where reading materials need to be eye-catching and entertaining. Our team of experts understand this and can design education storage solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements.  

 If you’re not naturally organised, having tailored storage solutions that work can help. This is because an organised classroom can help teachers to become more effective and efficient.  

We’re here to help you to maximise your classroom space and get the most from your school shelving. We can provide long-lasting education storage solutions to protect books, paperwork, confidential documents, toys, laptops and more.  

Here are just a few of the education storage solutions we have available for your organisation:    

Gratnell tray storage

You can fit these versatile shelving systems with tray support brackets to maximise storage capacity. We can accommodate any size of tray, so whatever you’re storing, you’ll always have plenty of room.  

Mobile shelving

 Do you need to optimise your floor space? Electronic mobile storage is the perfect solution. It’s convenient, movable and great for storing any heavy objects. This is a stylish and secure storage system where you can also programme lighting and control access. It’s school shelving – but not as you know it! Perfect for securing any confidential or valuable items.  

Static shelving

As school storage solutions go, our static shelving offers you a fully tailored product that will easily boost your storage options. It’s made from solid steel, but the shelving is free from sharp edges which means you can safely store your items without the risk of them getting damaged. Perfect for storing books!  

Archive shelving 

Ideal for heavy or bulky items, archive storage systems can help you to store items efficiently and neatly. Our archive shelving is great for organising gym equipment and the design of the storage cupboards allows you to easily access and find what you’re looking for.  


Education shelving isn’t necessarily just about classrooms! Lockers are common in many schools and are a popular storage solution. Our high-quality, durable and secure lockers deliver a functional personal storage system for both students and staff. Steel welded and riveted, the powder-coated lockers are manufactured in a range of colours, and you can even match them to your school branding.  

If you’re ready to take your school storage solutions to the next level to maximise your classroom or school space, get in touch with our team on 01782 770 144 or take a look at education storage for some great education shelving ideas to transform your school environment.