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Mobile racking systems are storage systems which can be moved from one place to another. Mobile racking systems feature wheels or run on a motorised system.

With mobile racking systems that are electronically or battery powered, you can maximise warehouse space and still access the pallets easily. These systems can be used to store a variety of items.
There are several types of mobile racking systems available, which are suitable industrial, commercial and office use. Mobile systems are generally classed as one of three types: electric, mechanical and manual.

Systems that are electrically powered are operated with the help of a button, mechanical systems run via wheels assisted by multi ratio gears and the manual systems are operated with handles. These systems are very cost effective and can greatly increase storage capacity. This means that there is extra space created for other important items.

Mobile racking systems are used for long term storage of archives and archive boxes, medical records, x-rays, documents and files. Other things such as stationary can also be stored in these racking systems.

Mobile racking systems are the perfect solution for businesses who face storage constraints.