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There are many things that are needed to create a great learning environment – inspiring teachers, comfortable environmental conditions such as heating, lighting and seating arrangements, well-fed and watered students and of course effective storage options for all those things a student and a school or university require. At Rackline, many of these areas are out of our control, but one thing we are experts in is storage. We work with many educational establishments, from schools to adult education colleges, to ensure that important textbooks, reading books, paperwork and additional student equipment are all held in an effective and organised way, and are easy to access too. We know that if the conditions are great, then the learning is great too. So what are the main ways Rackline can help your students make the best of their education?


Places of education are always places of paperwork too. Student files, reports, exam papers, paper copies of students’ work and stock and inventory for the running of the school, the administrative needs of such places are large. Our versatile mobile and static storage shelving is effective in meeting this need, but at Rackline we also have tray storage for those items that require something a little more bespoke.


For all students, there really is no escaping the library. This key area of any campus or institution is an essential part of daily life and although much of the information students require can now be found online, there is still very much a need for the traditional paper-based literature and textbooks that are found in these buildings. As more and more young people extend their time in education, the need for any library to store their stock and gain access to stored information easily becomes ever more important. At Rackline we have both mobile and static library storage solutions that are incredibly flexible, and some that are designed specifically with libraries in mind, such as ProLibero and Flolibero.

Individual storage requirements

Whether you are a teacher or a student, daily life is certainly easier when there is somewhere convenient to store your coat, bag and sports gear. Locker storage is perfect for this. Fitting comfortably alongside busy thoroughfares, the space saving ergonomic brilliance of the locker is a must-have. Durable so that heavy usage does not impair them, and highly secure so that you can be sure it is safe to use them, our powder coated, steel-welded and riveted lockers conform to the industry standard BS4680 and are extremely popular in all educational settings.

If your school or university would benefit from improved student storage options then call Rackline on 01782 770144.