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Mobile storage is an excellent option for people who do not have enough space to store not-in-use or temporary items. Mobile storage service is accessible with just a phone call. A professional company will store all your items in a container and transport them to their storehouse. You can then visit the warehouse at any point in order to access the container, or to arrange for the items to be delivered back to your place.

The benefits of mobile storage

• Security:

Mobile storage assures complete security to your container. The containers used generally have more than one lock system for extra protection. For precautionary reasons, mobile storage units also feature a secure lockbox, heavy duty steel locking arm and even video options and alarm systems for customer’s protection.

• Heavy duty steel construction:

Mobile storage containers are usually constructed out of heavy duty steel, and many have reinforced roofs, doors and edges to enable them to withstand all types of weather and external damage.

• Multiple choice:

You can either place your mobile storage container at your property or you can ask the company to store your container at their central warehouse location.

• Custom design:

Many mobile storage units have standardised sizes such as 10, 20 or 40-foot storage pods. The company also creates a custom-made unit if the customer has a particular need to store farm machinery, large equipment etc.