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Mobile racking systems are fantastic if you’re struggling for storage space and faced with the problem of having to throw important items away in order to free up space.

Mobile racking systems are operated by an electrically powered base, which enables them to move along tracks which are installed on the floor.

Types of racking systems

Mobile racking systems are now available in a range of different types, including push back racking and drive in racking, which are the most commonly used.

How is mobile racking powered?

• Electrically powered: These racking systems run on electricity. The operator can control these systems through the use of just one button. Electrically powered mobile racking is commonly used in businesses that have to carry heavy machinery.
• Mechanically assisted: These racking systems are ideal for handling bulky goods and use multi-ratio geared hand wheels.
• Manually operated: This style of racking requires a great deal of man power, as the handles need to be pushed and pulled in order to move goods from one place to another.

Mobile racking is a fantastic investment as it can last you for many years.