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Institutional furniture isn’t usually designed with the future in mind. The present need is kept in mind, but as organisations expand and grow, they need more usable floor area. Furniture is good when it helps and not when it occupies or acts as a barrier to work. Roller stacks or rolling racks are primarily mobile storage. The demand is for a safe and easy to access system. It should be an easy job to operate and maintain the records, documents, tools, confidential reports in a hospital setting.

Hospitals can be a complicated place to work and maintain things in an orderly fashion. It is a huge place where every day hundreds and thousands of people come and go. Lots of information has to be recorded. Hospitals require attention to detail. They cannot afford to have disorganised records.

Major hospitals have undertaken major works on restructuring. A lot are considering new storage and shelving as it is proving to be beneficial.

Roller racking is the solution to many hospitals grappling with the problem of space. Primarily good health is achieved by good order. Storing and shelving definitely increase the longevity of the documents and the delicate equipment in the hospital.