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In today’s climate, when property rates are high, affording a big office is really a luxury. It is very important for ones office to have a spacious feel to it, as a cramped office space can lead to stunted creativity, as employees feel claustrophobic.

Here is how you can turn a small office space into a bigger one:

•    Use the corners
This is the best way to maximise small office space as corner space generally gets wasted and ignored in offices. Place your main desks and computers in the corners, this helps in creating more space in the centre and hence helps in giving the office a more uncluttered look. The vacant centre space can then be used for other purposes such as office gatherings, coffee sessions, etc.

•    Use triangular and rectangular shaped furniture
Making use of rectangular and triangular shaped furniture makes sense as these shapes tend to provide more space than circular shaped furniture. Circular furniture tends to waste lot of space but triangles and rectangles help in utilising corner space and hence should be your first choice when it comes to furniture.

•    Employ shelving to save space
The most effective way of saving office space is shelving. Once you have assessed your needs, then selecting ideal office shelving system wouldn’t be that difficult. Ideally, shelving can suit multiple needs such as storing documents and storing large materials.