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Shelving units are available with different weight capacities. They can handle weight from 150 pounds to 1000 pounds per shelf.

Wire shelving is commonly used in retail and food industry. They can store weight from 150 pounds to 800 pounds per shelf. You should always buy your shelving unit from a reputable dealer who will be able to understand your storage needs.

You can also choose to buy an open type of shelving for your office. It has the most basic design for general purpose and proves to be the cheapest type of shelving, although not always the most economical. Open type shelving units are available in different colours. The sides and back of these shelving units are open.

You should always choose to buy a shelving unit that has the maximum shelf capacity rather than looking for its shelf thickness. You can also opt for shelving units that are light in weight and have additional welded bends. This will help you save a lot of money. While purchasing a shelving unit, look for ones that have:

•    Base strip
•    Sliding doors
•    Bin fronts
•    Label holders
•    Counter tops
•    Footplates

Shelving units that have these features will prove to be very effective and will increase the productivity of your company. Shelving units are affordable and can really help you to streamline your office storage. If you want additional flexibility with shelving, you can buy a mobile shelving system.