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Designing an attractive yet functional office can be a tricky task, as it can be difficult to accommodate everything that you need to use regularly. One of the most effective ways of designing an efficient office is by dividing it into work space and office storage space.

The work space in your office should include all the workstations for your employees. It is important that you allow your employees sufficient space in which to work peacefully and privately, whilst ensuring that they are fully comfortable. You should assess the height of workstations, and adjust them to the employees’ individual needs.

It is very important that you install an excellent quality office storage system, in order to ensure that all your documents, files and other important items are stored safely and securely. Without a proper office storage system, your office can become very untidy, very quickly. A good storage system should be able to store all your important items neatly.

By giving both these areas of your office some consideration, you should be able to design an office which is practical yet appealing.