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Every organisation has some requirement of record management. A records management program can help the company maintain their records properly. After you have the record management program in place you need to start managing the retention and control set up. You need to adopt creative strategies for the filing system to run smoothly.

You need to quickly work upon some strategy to implement an efficient filing system.

• You can remove inactive and duplicate records from the filing system to increase efficiency. The retention and access times will improve dramatically. Your active filing system needs less floor space for active response in terms of search and retrieval of the files.

• You must conduct thorough inventory checks at least once a year to improve the organisation of the records. This will also help you to know whether your filing system is running smoothly or not. You can test the system by doing some self research if it is possible. Traditional cabinets are not space efficient and file retention is slow. You need to change to more modern storage systems. The record inventory can also help you locate the outdated data files which can be discarded.

• The labelling of your file system will help you significantly. Colour coding can make all the difference in sorting the clutter of files in your office.

• An on demand labelling system is an economical way to improve your filing system. The colour coding may have to be changed after some years due to changes in projects. It is possible get the work done by professionals. Both large and small companies should give the filing work to experts who can set up the system for you. You can then manage it from there.

Careful consideration should be given to meticulous planning, cost efficiency, and implementing filing systems appropriate for the needed applications.