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Mobile shelving is a fantastic storage system that is specially designed to offer well-organised storage and retrieval.

With high density mobile storage systems, you can either create floor space for storage and filing, or double the capacity for other productive purposes. Mobile storage is effective in saving space as it eliminates the requirement for numerous access aisles. As shelving moves along the floor tracks, space for only one aisle is needed. Mobile shelving is operated with the help of pull handles, electric motors or hand driven mechanical systems.

Mobile shelving units can be locked securely in order to prevent any unauthorised access. One of the biggest advantages of mobile shelving is that it offers more efficient space utilisation compared to traditional filing cabinets or static office shelving.

Apart from saving considerable floor space, this type of shelving is ideal for storing expensive and sensitive items, as the units can be easily closed up to restrict access.

Another reason why mobile shelving is so popular is that it is easy to install and relocate, making it a cost effective and versatile solution.