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Cabinets come in multiple shapes and sizes. To maximise storage space, it is important not only to select the right cabinet but also to make sure that the cabinet is installed with the help of professionals. Following are some more useful tips on how to install a cabinet for first-timers.

•    Remove doors
Cabinet doors can easily be fitted onto them after they are fixed on the wall. Thus they can easily be removed and can be fixed once the cabinet itself is fixed.

•    Label the doors
Label corresponding doors to their corresponding cabinets; this will ensure that you fix them easily later on.

•    Markings
Lift the cabinet once and make reference marks on the wall. These markings will be of great help when you ultimately lift the cabinet while fixing. This way the screws can also be utilised to perfection and hence the cabinet can attain perfect alignment.

•    Start from top
It is very important to make sure that you start installing cabinets from the top rather than from the bottom otherwise the cabinets at the bottom would come in your way while fixing other cabinets.

•    Start from the corners
Start installing cabinets from the corners as this gives you more room to make adjustments.