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Mobile storage systems are known as being high density systems, because they allow you to store many things in limited floor space. One of the best things about these systems is that they do not need various aisles for installation. This is because they are installed on tracks which are mounted on the floor. For installation, you just need to identify a specific bay where you want to put it.

Types of mobile storage systems

Currently, you will find that mobile storage systems are available in three main types. Firstly, there are manually operated systems, which are opened and closed with the help of pull handles. These are commonly used in small offices and store rooms, as these systems don’t need much space for installation.

Mechanically operated systems are another type, which are driven with the help of gears and wheels.

Lastly, there are electrically operated systems, which run off electric motors. They are one of the most advanced types, and they are operated by pressing a button that is located on the system.

Mobile storage systems help to create more storage space and occupy less floor space. In addition to this, installing these systems is very simple and can be done in very little time.