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Rack storage systems which come in vertical server racks help in meeting the needs of industrial users. This type of a storage system provides maximum storage place and uses very less floor space thus making control of inventory very easy by providing easy retrieval and high visibility. Goods are stored in a safe and orderly manner.

Carbon compounds and aluminium racks are most suitable incase of a vertical server rack. Fibreglass and other such composite materials offer a good resistance to oils and caustic chemicals. In the case of heavy loads, steel is used for making the storage systems.

The salient feature of this sort of a storage system is that it can be handled, assembled, knocked down and shipped more easily. The powerful industrial grade racks come in a variety of capacities. These racks are user friendly and you can put add-ons with the help of power strips to support them.

Vertical rack storage also provides automation, electrostatic discharge, spill-restraint features, modularity and above all portability. They also feature water resistance and corrosion resistance.

The prices of these types of storage systems vary according to the dimensions, weight, volume etc. Besides racks and shelving, there are various other industrial storage solutions like storage cabinets, storage bins, mono and multiple rack systems etc. depending upon your industry and its requirements, you can select the right storage system for your company. These storage systems will help you save on the precious space and keep them safe and well organised.