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Industrial Shelving provides flexibility and is easily placed inside tight spaces. There are different types of industrial shelving as mentioned below:

In industrial shelving, uprights are the panels that are enclosed on each part of a bay. These uprights have a chain which has pre-punched holes.

Bays are the units of industrial shelving. They are utilised by other types of shelving bays comprised of a single back panel which is jointly linked with two uprights on each side. It can either be double-sided or single-sided.

Shelves are the most important parts of industrial shelving. Shelves have different horizontal parts which are attached to uprights at either end. Shelves are fastened in place with four clips, one at each corner.

Backs are the enclosing panel on the rear of a bay. Backs are that components which provide the bays with the needed stiffness and strength.

Bays are located at rows. The standard measurement of a row is usually five to six bays long.