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Industrial shelves are utilised in places like malls and department stores. These days many companies manufacture industrial shelving. As there are so many manufacturers, it becomes important for you to get the right quality of shelves at the right price.

The price and the quality of the shelves depend on the selection of a credible and reliable manufacturer. The shelves, which are cheap, may look like industrial shelves, but they are of inferior quality and can handle any weight. It is important to check the quality and the standard of the shelf before one buys it.

Industrial shelves are made from cold rolled steel. The cheap shelves are made of steel, which is not as thick as the cold rolled steel. Wide range of industrial steel shelves are available on the market. They come in many sizes.

The two basic types available are the open and the closed shelf. The open shelf can be accessed from both the sides, whereas the closed shelf can be accessed from only one side as it is has a back plate. The industrial shelves are very easily adjustable. They have small screws, which can be used to customise the shelving as needed.