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One of the most important accessories in any industrial set up is the storage system or the warehouse. Warehouses are one of the most useful storage buildings used to store all the finished goods of a factory. In addition to the accommodation facility, these warehouses also provide security and protection to the goods. However, sometimes the problem of space might pose a severe threat to the manufacturer. But modern storage systems have come to the aid of manufacturers.

Multi-storage capacity of the Megaspan:
Megaspan system is the new innovation in the field of storage systems. Megaspan consists of racks which are designed in order to store as many containers as possible. Megaspan also enables fork-lift users to unload the containers easily.

Storage redefined:
Megaspan is based on beam technology and can contain as many containers as possible. Encompassing a height of about 24 metres, Megaspan is designed to sustain the weight of heavy containers.

Security guaranteed:
Megaspan consists of a unique CAD system which ensures optimum security levels.
Thus, users can store as many containers as they want without any fear of damage to its contents.

The structure of the Megaspan ensures that it can be used in any warehouse. Moreover, a variety of goods like food products and FMCG products can be stored thanks to the Megaspan.

Megaspan can be installed in any given set-up. Hence, it is advisable that manufacturers should install Megaspan in their warehouses in order to store their products efficiently.