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Shelving is one of the best options to arrange, organise, stock up and move things in home, large industrial companies and other offices. Here are some of the various shelving materials and their features:

•    There are various types of shelving such as plastic shelving, wire shelving, wood shelving and metal shelving.
•    Wood shelving has been one of the classic ways to shelve as they are made of high quality and polished wood. These shelves are generally put where things are not to be moved frequently. They are quite sturdy, durable, traditional and classic in appearance.
•    Plastic shelving is used to store light materials and they are the best ones to be displayed. Non-conductive materials are used to manufacture them and they are even resistant to acid, so should last a long time! They are versatile, rust free, durable, handy and can be easily shifted from one place to the other.
•    Wire shelving is versatile and they dominate offices, modern homes and other industries. These are not costly and materials are easily available in the market.

Whatever material you choose, it is always worth considering mobile storage systems.